So, I Was Thinking…

“I have nothing to say.”  —Not the Person You Wish Would Stop Talking

I think it can be really hard to come up with things to write about.  Then today I heard a song on the radio and the lyrics were, “Well, I saw you in the grocery store / Buyin’ tomatoes / For a casserole.” *

So maybe it’s not that hard?

Here is a person who thought about something very insignificant and managed to put it in a song.  Then she took that idea, and put it with some other ones and set it to music.  Then she got other people with several instruments to play this music, while she sang to it.  Then someone came along and actually listened to it, presumably several times, and that person decided, “Hey, maybe some other people might want to hear this, too.  Let’s RECORD it, so it can be played by anyone who wants to hear it.”  And they DID.  They all got together, and they spent money and time in a studio, and they put this song on a recording device of some sort, and then they sent it to a radio station.  And the radio station PLAYED it.  And now here I am telling you about it.

What started as a tomato in a field has led to me being in awe of the journey of one thought.  And also I’m thinking about casserole.  I kind of want the recipe for the casserole, but then I realize that if this is the type of casserole that starts with a raw tomato, there will be entirely too many steps and ingredients involved, so, I’M OUT.  Headed to the freezer section.

It’s all inspired me to write a song with the lyrics, “We’re out of mini pancakes / Maybe we should start eating clean / But maybe not because that’s hard and I’m pretty tired.”

Have a great weekend.  May all your ideas travel far.

*(By the way, the song is actually pretty decent, and, of course, it’s about more than just the casserole.  Lucinda Williams–Hot Blood)

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